az-i-muth: n. [etymology: AR plural of the way] a navigational term for direction

In navigation, an azimuth is used to describe the direction of
travel. Many individuals seek counseling at a time when they feel
their life is out of control -- or they need to find direction that
will allow them to move beyond the pain they are experiencing.

The Azimuth philosophy embraces the belief that, in order to
empower individuals to make changes, the complex issues of
meaning and purpose must be addressed.  To set a new course in
life, the entire person must be engaged:
mind, body, and spirit.

Psychotherapy, as practiced at Azimuth, offers hope and
opportunity for healing and growth in an environment that
respects both individual choice and Biblical principles.

Our therapists humbly seek to demonstrate compassion and
support to all who enter into the therapeutic change process. We
incorporate an integrated approach, utilizing a variety of
therapeutic treatment tools tailored to the individual.

All of our efforts are centered on bringing about
lasting change in
our clients' lives.

Watch this 11-minute video to see how Azimuth is making a
The Azimuth Story

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