Azimuth Counseling & Therapeutic Services, 8 Essex Way, Essex Jct, VT  05452 - 802-288-1001

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Frequently Asked Questions . . .

1)     How do I start counseling?
    Simply contact us and we will do an intake to help
    determine if Azimuth is a place that can meet your
    therapeutic needs. You will be contacted after the intake is
    reviewed and there is a therapist available that best meets
    your needs. You will then be offered a time for your first
    appointment and directed to our website and asked to fill
    out more detailed history forms prior to your first

2)     Is Azimuth a Christian Counseling Center?
    Azimuth is an organization that was started due to the
    financial generosity and vision of Essex Alliance Church, a
    Christian church.  Although Azimuth is not a Christian
    counseling center, it is run by the “Golden Rule”- a biblical
    principle that is woven into the fabric of our culture.  

    Our assessment forms ask if you wish to incorporate a
    religious belief system or practice into your therapy. We do
    this because, at Azimuth, we seek to engage the mind,
    body and soul in the treatment of each individual who
    engages in counseling. If your response is “yes,” our
    therapists will do this according to the American Counseling
    Association (ACA) standards.  If you do not desire to do
    this, your therapist will honor that. Your therapist will
    disclose that he or she has a faith practice but will not
    impose this on you. Azimuth therapists give the same high
    quality mental health care to all who seek our services
    regardless of their religious beliefs.

3)       What kind of training does your staff have?
    Each of our clinicians has either a Master’s or Doctoral
    degree in counseling or psychology and is registered by the
    State of Vermont to practice counseling. Each of our
    clinicians have specialized advanced training in specific
    areas. Please review each counselor’s bio for more
    information regarding their specialized advanced training.
    Our interns are advanced students enrolled in a graduate
    program in counseling and are also under the supervision of
    a licensed therapist.

4)     What is an NCC?
    The term NCC stands for National Certified Counselor and
    means the therapist has passed the National Counseling
    Exam (NCE). The purpose of the NCE is to assess
    knowledge, skills and abilities viewed as important for
    providing effective counseling services. The NCE is
    intended to assess cognitive knowledge which should be
    known by all counselors regardless of their individual
    professional specialties.

5)      How does counseling work?
    People seek counseling for many different reasons: a crisis,
    a loss, a major life change, to sort things out to have a
    happier life, or to improve relationships. Counseling begins
    with an initial meeting with the therapist to gather
    information and history in order to develop a plan to meet
    each individual’s/family’s needs. Counseling may include
    individual, group and/or family sessions.

6)      Who do you work with?
    We have counselors with specialized training to work with
    adolescents, adults, individuals, couples, and families.

7)       How long does it take?
    Each session lasts typically up to 60 minutes. Your therapist
    will establish with you a regular schedule based on your
    specific need. A person may come to counseling once or
    twice or may choose to continue counseling until they have
    met their goals for life improvement. Always discuss this
    with your therapist.

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