Gloria Varagallo, LCMHC, AAP

Gloria Varagallo grew up in Connecticut, and now considers
Vermont her home. Having taken dance classes throughout her
childhood and early adult years, she developed a love and deep
respect for the body’s wisdom in movement. In 1991, she moved
to Vermont to pursue higher education, and completed her
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Movement Studies at
Burlington College, and her Master’s Degree in Dance/Movement
Therapy and Counseling Psychology at Antioch University New
For the last 15 years, her work has mainly focused on the
treatment of Substance Use Disorders, and she is credentialed as
an Apprentice Addictions Professional (AAP) with the state of
Vermont. She is in the process of being licensed as a clinical
mental health clinician (LCMHC), an Alcohol and Drug Counselor
(LADC), and a registered Dance/Movement Therapist (ADTR).
Gloria’s current clinical work includes those experiencing, or
affected by:  substance use disorders, mood disorders such as
depression and/or anxiety, grief and loss, life transitions, and
those wanting to deepen their general sense of overall health and
wellbeing. Working from a variety of perspectives and
experiences, she can meet each individual “where they are” in
mind, body, and spirit, in support of their personal process of
exploration, growth and change.

Azimuth Counseling & Therapeutic Services, 8 Essex Way, Essex Jct, VT  05452 - 802-288-1001

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