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Hadley Weston, MA

Hadley Weston was born and raised in Vermont. Initially on a pre-
law track, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and English
from Fordham University. Hadley’s discovered passion for
exploring the issues behind reasons for seeking legal counsel, as
well as her growing desire to help others experience freedom and
wholeness, led her to leave law school during her first semester
and pursue a graduate degree in mental health. She holds a Master
of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University and is
currently in the process of becoming a licensed clinical mental
health counselor (LCMHC). Hadley uses an integrative approach in
her clinical work that respects the individual needs and desires of
her clients and encompasses the biological, psychological, social,
and spiritual aspects of the human condition. Some of her primary
approaches include cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, client-
centered, and solution-focused therapies. Her clinical experience
includes work with mood disorders, such as anxiety and
depression, substance use disorders, relationship issues, life
transitions, and some personality disorders.